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You can personalize the capacity of Xtar PB2 even over 7000mAh. 0 Fast charging capability, expanded 21700 (unprotected) support, and a USB A + USB C output ports. Xtar PB2 Battery Charger/ Power Bank is a super portable and convenient charger, with the function of power bank. • TC/CC/CV three-stage charging maximizes battery lifespan. Powerbanks: EasyAcc 26800 mAh 3/5, Xtar PB2 4/5, Xtar PB2S 5. The revolution of traditional charger, the XTAR PB2 Charger/Power-Bank packs innovation with practicality, with 2 bays to charge your favorite 18650&39;s with XTAR&39;s signature protections and innovative battery charging technology to ensure a full charge every-time. Rubberised in a blue flame retardant plastic coating the PB2 feels nice and smooth in the hand. When you want to charge something from this, you plug your USB port in there.

Max 2Ax1/1Ax2 charge current, fully charge 1x2500mAh 18650 in 1. Compared with traditional charger, it is an evolution. XTAR PB2 Charger/Powerbank; Charge cable (USB to Micro-USB) Manual; Build Quality and Durability. XTAR PB2 Portable Charger. This versatile battery pack has a polished rubber paint finish and compact dimensions of 110mm x 51mm x 24mm to give it a comfortable feel. As a battery charger and portable power bank, the XTAR PB2 functions beautifully. A super light weight yet surprisingly sturdy feeling dual 18650 battery charger. There’s your out, there’s your in.

The first thing you’ll notice about the PB2 is the feel. 05V Cut-Off Current: ≤120mA Package Contents:-1x XTAR PB2 Charger(Not included battery)-1x USB Cable-1x Manual and Warranty Card Warranty information: 12 months free repair for quality-related issues with non-artificial demage after. The XTAR PB2S Portable battery charger includes a powerbank function for power on the go! 1A USB pb2 output, can fully charge an iPhone 7 Plus in 2 hours.

The revolution of the traditional charger: portable battery charger with power bank function! For comparison, here&39;s the PB2S lined up with a few other power banks and combo power banks of mine - the Armytek Handy C1 Pro (single bay with NiMH support), Rofis MRflashilght combo), XTAR PB2 (2x18650), and Nitecore F4 (4x18650). Used As A Battery Charger: • Max real 2A x 1 / 1A x 2 charge current, fully charge 1 x 2500mAh 18650 in 1. It features digital display, fast charging and USB output. This is a great device to keep your 18650 batteries charged quickly and it also functions as a powerbank capable of charging an Iphone 7 Plus in only 2 hours.

The PB2 will act as a normal charger and it will recharge your 18650 batteries but it will also double as a fully functional power bank. Read on for a bit of testing! The PB2 is capable of charging and discharging cells individually so you don&39;t have to worry about cell balancing. 18650 including button top & protected. Availability: In Stock.

Manuals/Files Product Description The Xtar PB2 Portable Power Bank Charger is a unique charger that manual xtar pb2 allows you to use it as a charger for 18650 batteries or power the device with 18650 batteries and use as a power bank. 99 until June 30th, and after the promotion you can use the. XTAR PB2 1-Port USB Charger/Power Supply. The revolution of the traditional charger, the XTAR PB2 Charger/Power-Bank packs innovation with practicality, with 2 bays to charge your favorite 18650&39;s with XTAR&39;s signature protections and innovative battery charging technology to ensure a full xtar charge every-time. No complaints on it’s descriptiveness, etc.

This is a review of the Xtar PB2 portable USB powerbank and 18650 charger. Use 1 or 2 of your own unprotected 18650s without the need to match cells or age. According to the manual, the charger will first charge the external gadget directly from the power source, before charging the batteries, to reduce battery cycles and increase their lifespan. 1A Cut-Off Voltage:4. The PB2 would also be a great thing to bring along on a camping trip. This product can be used with 18650, batteries. In manual memory mode, the user can select a specific brightness and then always start at that level. Used as a power bank:.

In other words, if you want to charge it, you plug your micro USB cable there. What’s Included. Used as a power bank. THIS COMBO PACK COMES. It only tells you what it means when lights are flashing, while the PB2 is charging batteries. With a QC3 USB Adapter – This charger is capable of charging two cells at 0.

Check out our wide range of products. The Xtar PB2 is very easy to use, and is fully plug & play. At under , though, it feels like a steal.

Xtar PB2, as a Power Bank, can be assembled at your disposal. The XTAR PB2 is a sparse package including only the charger with cover, a USB cable and an instruction manual. Whether you’re a mech user, a regular mod user, an on-board battery mod user or just someone who’s phone always dies on them.

Als Revolution des traditionellen Ladens präsentiert Xtar seinen PB2 Reiselader, der auf (Kurz-)Reisen gleichzeitig als Akku-Transportbox oder als leistungsstarke Powerbank mit bis zu 7000 mAh Kapazität zum Aufladen von USB-Geräten wie E-Zigaretten, Smartphones oder Digitalkameras genutzt werden kann. • 0V Activation function revives over-discharged batteries. Model:XTAR PB2 Input: DC 5V 2. The cool thing about the XTAR PB2 is that you can use it to charge 18650 batteries inside it, as well as hook up an external device via the output port.

Charges Unprotected Li-Ion, IMR, INR, and ICR 18650 Batteries The Xtar PB2 is a powerful Li-ion Battery Charger and Power Bank combination is taking the world by storm. The Revolution of Traditional Charger. The Larger PBS can fit larger 21700 batteries, charge and discharge via USB-C and has a screen. This handy charger allows you to charge both your batteries and your device (as long as you have a compatible USB cable).

XTAR emailed an operating manual to me, if you could call it that. Xtar&39;s portable charger and DIY powerbank is now available! This one has noteworthy improvements – USB-C and support for bigger cells. Used as a power bank: • Max 2. XTAR PB2 User Manual-ShenZhen XTAR Electronics Co. Xtar&39;s successor to the PB2 has now arrived!

Output with one battery is at 1 amp, with 2 batteries it’s manual xtar pb2 at 2 amps. On the back, there are the specs. The manual is a long sheet printed with a few languages. 1x Xtar USB Cable. 1A; 5VDC - This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik.

Payment & Security. 5hrs or 2x2500mAh 18650 in 3hrs. The “New Generation” of charger from XTAR is in the form of the Portable Power Bank Charger, the PB2. 5A, 1A or 2A, with a standard usb adapter, 0. XTAR PB2 BLACK | Charger: for rechargeable batteries; Li-Ion; 3. The name is PB2S, and it’s an upgraded PB2. Xtar PB2, a portable charger with power bank function. Portable battery charger with power bank function!

Use a USB cable (one is provided) to connect the micro USB port on the Xtar to a USB charging outlet. XTAR has a new powerbank on the market. Xtar PB2 Portable Li-ion Charger and Powerbank (With 2x Battery Combo) SKU: PB2+2B. The XTAR PB2 charger is also an easy to use, handheld power bank for your 18650 size batteries. It’s a fine manual. XTAR PB2 Charger/PowerBank.

Revolutionizing the way you charge your smart devices, vaporizers, and box mods, is the highly efficient and portable XTAR PB2 Battery Charger. The PB2 by XTAR is going to bring a new level of convenience to your life. The operating manual does not give any instructions. XTAR PB2 is a portable battery charger with USB Output function! A new display shows input/output voltage and current. , Ltd-XTAR PB2 User Manual. XTAR PB2 User Manual-ShenZhen XTAR Electronics Co.

1A Constant Current: 2A×1 / 1A×2 USB Output: 5V 2. XTAR PB2 Battery Charger For Electronic Cigarette Batteries. 7V Unprotected Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR 18650 Batteries. 1A USB output, fully charge iPhone 7 Plus in 2hrs. The Xtar will charge your batteries until full, while displaying the progress on its LED display.

As the name implices (PB2C) the new model adds USB-C but only for charging. The XTar PB2 lineup is a little confusing in naming. XTAR PB2 top view showing the power in and out ports The screen printing of the logo on the front and the specifications on the back of the charger are high quality and did not show any signs of wear during my testing, which included being carried in a hiking pack alongside other items for over 50 kilometers, even with varying degrees of heat. Please use the products properly following the product user manual. PB2 – Mediport Portable RO Operator Manual PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The PB2 is a versatile, user-friendly, manual xtar pb2 portable reverse osmosis unit built for a number of hemodialysis applications such as acute, sub-acute, beside, and home, for both daily and nocturnal dialysis.

1x Xtar PB2 battery charger. XTAR PB2 kit, portable battery charger with power bank function Features: 1. Remove the magnetic cover to install one or two 18650 cells. The PB2S has added QC3. Xtar has an update for the original PB2 18650 charger and powerbank. used as a battery charger: • Max real 2Ax1/1Ax2 charge current, fully charge 1x2500mAh 18650 in manual xtar pb2 1.

The XTAR PB2 Battery Charger is great for charging lithium ion rechargeable batteries at up to 2A. There is currently a special promotion of this charger, . THE REVOLUTION OF TRADITIONAL CHARGER - PORTABLE CHARGER WITH POWER BANK FUNCTION. Lets have a look the following battery chargers that double as power banks for your cell phones cameras heck anything that takes usb power to charge a must h. XTAR-PB2-RED Charger: for rechargeable batteries XTAR Our company TME has over 800 employees, who provide expert support at each stage of the ordering process.

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